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We all know life is full of unexpected financial surprises and we know that you are not always prepared for it. That’s why we are here to help! Whether you want to consolidate your credit card dette or have some outstanding bills or simply want to improve your current financial situation, now you can have your mind at ease we will provide you with a loan that suits your needs! We guarantee confidential, professional and secure service! No credit check, no hidden fees and you can pay off your loan at any time!

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Example of repayment: Loan of 500$ payable every week in 12 increments will cost you 62,50$ per payment. This info is an exemple only and includes an average brokerage fee of 250$ which is added to the capital borrowed. Instaloan calculates the cost of each loan at it’s own discretion. Our rates range from 28 to 32% depending on the lending agency.The APR can not exceed 34.5%

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With serious savings, a seamless online application, and unique community benefits, our members have a lot to say about our loans!

This has been one of the best experiences that I’ve had—they make application process very easy and amazing customer service.

Olivia Martin Ontario

InstaLoan has saved me quite a bit on interest. The application process was fast and hassle free! If I have to use their service again i will do it in a heart beat, thank you InstaLoan!

Roy Tremblay Quebec

With InstaLoan I resolved all of my short term financial problems and made a big progress in moving forward!

Antoine Wilson Quebec

More informations about Insta-loan

Responsible collection practices: Insta Loan uses responsible collection procedures. When a customer fails to make a payment, our collection agency will cancel the plan and use their methods to recover the amount owed. Good relations with our customers is our priority! Therefore, our company will make different attempts to contact the customer in various ways. Terminated payments will continue to collect interest on the balance owed. The customer is responsible for all legal fees required to retrieve the balance or amount owed. Uncollected debts will be subjected to the full extent of the law.
APR: The APR (annual percentage rate) varies between 28% to 32%. There is no transaction fee and the interest rate can not exceed 34.4%. Brokerage fee is applied to every loan. Brokerage fee varies depending on the capital borrowed.
Missed payments and credit scores: Insta Loan will charge you $40 for any payments refused by your banking institution for insufficient funds or any other reason. This $40 will be added to the end of your contract. It will not affect your credit score with company, and we will not take on any collection procedures. In case of a delay of payment, please call us at least 48h before the payment is due. You will be charged $25 for any delayed payment which will be added to the last payment of your loan. We always encourage you respect the payment schedule to ensure impeccable service for future renewal.
Renewal of loan: Made by request. It is not renewed automatically. No additional fees are added for renewal. Customer has to wait until the old loan is paid before applying for a new one.

Faster repayment: You can consolidate your loan at any time as your loan is an open one. Also, customers can decrease the balance on their loan by making larger payments, which decreases the amount of interest charged on the loan. This shortens the term of the loan.
Repayment term: Repayment terms are 3-4 months. Repayment example A loan of $500 payable every week in 12 increments, will cost you $63.50 per payment. This includes a brokerage fee of $250, which is added to the amount borrowed. Brokerage fee may vary depending on the amount borrowed. Insta Loan calculates cost of each loan at its own discretion. The annual interest rate (ATR) can not exceed 34.4%.
Policy concerning responsible lending: All applications are submitted through a filtering process to ensure the borrower has sufficient income to reimburse the loan. This includes: – Making sure that your salary meets our criteria – Ensuring that you don’t have an excessive amount of insufficient funds in your bank account – Analyzing if your previous financial obligations will interfere with your loan refunding capabilities. Failure to successfully fulfill the above mentioned criteria will result in a rejection of your loan application. If your file meets our standards, your demands will be accepted!

Warning: Borrow responsibly. Instaloan offers its service when no other options are available. Our interest rates are higher then most of the banking institutions. We encourage to think through your decision carefully before taking on a loan.Make sure that you don’t take on numerous loans at once! That can result in damaging your financial situation and become impossible to pay back your loans.